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More than 20 years’ flight experience in hypersonic rocket missions dealing with Rocket Fins at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) granted us the experience to master the technology in this particular aerodynamic surface.


Rocket Fins are one of the most challenging substructures in the rocket system. Although they are a flight safety critical system, especially in uncontrolled and aerodynamically stabilized rockets, the complexity of this assembly is often underestimated in the development of the launcher. Starting with a systems engineering approach, dimensions are quite easily determined – but the first problems appear with the definition of requirements in terms of structural and thermal loads, acceptable deflections, tolerances, effective angle of attack, etc.


Thus, the Fin design has to consider: 

  • mechanical loads
  • deformation during flight
  • stiffness
  • tailcan interface
  • reliable manufacturing
  • weight
  • aerodynamic drag
  • etc.

– and all this combined with aerothermal heating. For example, depending on the flight trajectory the fin leading edge may heat up to 2500K during the flight through the atmosphere. Even a minor failure in the Fin can result in overall mission loss. 

As reliable business partner, edge Rocket Technology develops successful solutions for all these technical challenges, from consulting to qualified flight hardware and mission support.


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Fin leading edges of SHEFEX I (top) and HiFIRE 3 (bottom) during entry at approx Ma 6-7 at 20 km (Source: www.elib.dlr.de – Article No: 87623 – Copyright DLR)